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Female / Woman's Karate Gi Review

White Tiger Gi supplies the best quality Karate uniforms from our UK base in Evesham. All Karate Gi uniforms are personally inspected by Bruce Payne (owner) before packing and shipping.

White Tiger Gi provides different variations of karate gi and now offer an ergonomically

designed karate gi specially for women.

We have just received this review from a female customer living in the United Kingdom.

White Tiger Gi - No Compromises.

Being a five ft something woman I've always had to make compromises when finding a karate gi... well not anymore! This female anatomically tailored gi from White Tiger Gi is comfortable over my (pretty full) bust, the discreet ties are actually at my waistline and not lower like in male or unisex fits, and I don't have an excess of fabric getting in the way of my kicks! I've only found one other gi tailored for women and it was so much more expensive! For about £100 less the White Tiger Woman's Gi is of a much better quality too. This gi is super soft, durable and machine washable. I feel ready for anything my sensei throws at me.

Georgei - United Kingdom

White Tiger Gi provides the best quality and comfortable Karate gi that match up to your expectation.

The White Tiger Karate Gi range includes three variations of Karate uniform (gi)

1. 10oz Karate Gi

2. 14oz Karate Gi White and Black

3. 16oz Karate Gi. Male and Female options

4. 16oz Okinawa / Japanese Cut

To know more on karate gi Contact Us.

Eco-Friendly Packaging - Compostable - Recyclable

Our mission is, and has always been, to supply the best quality Karate uniforms at fair competitive prices, 100% of our packaging is fully recyclable Forestry Stewardship Council approved

eco-friendly karate packing

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