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Female Karate Gi Black trousers white jacket

Female Karate Gi 16oz - White Tiger Master

Black Trousers.



Made to exacting standards with pride by expert craftsmen, the White Tiger Female Master Karate Gi is anatomicaly cut specifically for women. Most suited for intermediate to expert practitioners looking for wearability and long life expectancy.


  • Cut from hand selected, 16oz brushed (soft) cotton canvas especially for women, sewn with multi row, reinforced stitching; comfort and durability are the essence of these Karate Gi.


Made to withstand the most rigorous application training, these Karate Gi are made to last a very long time and are a great investment for the most discerning female Karateka.


  • The trousers (Zubon) are generously cut to allow freedom of movement and comfort, tied with a drawstring at the waist, ensuring secure fitting.


The White Tiger Female Master - 16oz Karate Gi offers a greater degree of ventilation when compared to lighter Karate uniforms, this is due to the use high quality materials used during production. The cotton fabric is brushed so these Gi are very soft to the touch, making them very confortable to wear. They offer a pronounced, crips sound when techniques are executed.


Experienced Karateka prefer heavier Karate Gi due to the wearability and long life expectancy.


  • The White Tiger Master Female Karate Gi is designed specifically for women, cut and manufactured to meet the demands of regular practice, these Karate Gi are great looking and smart to wear.


We build our reputation as a supplier of world leading Karate Gi through continual investment and development. The White Tiger Master ,16oz cotton canvas Karate Gi is the flagship of our range.


We ship within the United Kingdom in 48 hours, worldwide in 3-7 days. Express shipping can be arranged.


White Tiger Gi - offer the highest quality, world leading Karate Gi and customer service: we believe your Karate Gi is as much as an investment as Karate training is in yourself.

Female Karate Gi 16oz - Black Trouser

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  • Hi there Bruce,
    Here's my feedback:

    I am so pleased to discover White Tiger Gi! I have been looking for my Gi for a long time now and had difficulties finding the right one as my body shape has changed since having my three children. The White Tiger female Gi felt right as soon as I tried it on! The lengths in arms and legs are spot on. The Trousers are generously cut and very comfortable, and the fabric and finish excellent quality.Thank you so much!

    Best wishes Elisa

    White Tiger Gi - No Compromises.

    Being a five ft something woman I've always had to make compromises when finding a karate gi... well not anymore! This female anatomically tailored gi from White Tiger Gi is comfortable over my (pretty full) bust, the discreet ties are actually at my waistline and not lower like in male or unisex fits, and I don't have an excess of fabric getting in the way of my kicks! I've only found one other gi tailored for women and it was so much more expensive! For about £100 less the White Tiger Woman's Gi is of a much better quality too. This gi is super soft, durable and machine washable. I feel ready for anything my sensei throws at me.
    Georgie - United Kingdom
  • We offer a full and comprehensive size guide to help you choose the correct size White Tiger Gi. Please see our Karate Gi Size Guide before completing your order. We do exept returns, but in the intersts of trying to minimise carbon footprint, its worth checking. Thank you in advance. Bruce Payne. Owner

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