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White Tiger Gi - Specialist Karate Gi Made with pride by Experts


Dear Bruce,


I have finally managed to inbox my new shiny White Tiger Karate gi, and just want to say thank you.

This is such an amazing product, very durable and well stitched, I tried it on and instantly fell in love with it.

I will be spreading the word of white tiger to my fellow karateka and cannot wait to wear my new gi at the club.


Question, do you plan on getting any more stock of the Okinawa Cute karate gi? 

Thank you again for such a great product and such an amazing customer service.


Kind regards


Hi Bruce,


I was very impressed with the speed in which the gis were dispatched and the follow-up emails. Customer service after a sale is sadly forgotten by so many businesses these days.


The gis are lovely, soft and comfortable, The stitching is neat, and there were no loose threads. The quality is visible even before you put it on.


I was delighted with my female japanese gi, which I trained in last night for a two-hour session. I was previously training in a 14oz 150 "unisex" gi and was delighted to find that the 16oz 160 female gi fitted so much better and felt so soft and pliable; I cannot recommend this gi enough for female practitioners. I think it was the first session I didn't spend half the time adjusting my suit! I felt comfortable and, although it was hot, the suit never stuck to me or felt heavy. Wthout all the usual excess material in the trousers, I could move freely and never had to pull them up, re-tie them or pull the trouser leg about to adjust it for kicks or warm-up exercises. The jacket didn't ride up; the ties sat in just the right place and never needed to be re-tied. I was able to concentrate on my karate and the suit never interrupted me.


The 10z suit is equally impressive. My son was comfortable and able to work freely - and it is a neater fit than his previous gi, so you could see his form instead of it being hidden in the material.


If anyone is hesitating about buying one of your gis, I would encourage them to complete their purchase as soon as possible!


Many thanks,




White Tiger Gi - No Compromises.

Being a five ft something woman I've always had to make compromises when finding a karate gi... well not anymore! This female anatomically tailored gi from White Tiger Gi is comfortable over my (pretty full) bust, the discreet ties are actually at my waistline and not lower like in male or unisex fits, and I don't have an excess of fabric getting in the way of my kicks! I've only found one other gi tailored for women and it was so much more expensive! For about £100 less the White Tiger Woman's Gi is of a much better quality too. This gi is super soft, durable and machine washable. I feel ready for anything my sensei throws at me.


Georgei - United Kingdom

Hello there,


"Honestly the White Tiger GI I bought is absolutely fantastic. You can feel the quality and care that went in to its craft. There's nowhere else I'll be going from new on!"


Thank you very much and hoping you're well in these troubled times.

Kind regards.




United Kingdom

Hi Bruce


I have already bought two Gis from you (a masters and a black one) and I must say they that in my opinion they are both better made and better value that the more expensive Japanese ones that I have had before.


Walter P.



Hey White Tiger Gi!

The gi is awesome!  Definitely the best gi I've ever had.  I love the dimensions of it.  It looks extremely elegant looking and I like the feel of the material.  Thanks so much for all the hard work you and your team put into it. :)

- Christian


United States

The gi is excellent.


It is so much softer than my cheap heavy weight one. And it fits very, very well. No more pulling up the pants after every kick. 


Thank you for the super fast shipping too. I really wasn't expecting it for another week. But I was able to get my school patch on it before class tonight. 


My sensei complimented my on the Okinawa style. 


Well done!

Kevin McCarthy - USA


Are you purchasing a new Karate uniform (Gi)?  There are hundreds of brands out there!  It can be a bit like trying to find a particular needle, in a stack of needles  – there are so many options!  Material type, weight, stitching, sizes, etc., etc., etc.  If you’re confused, well you’ve come to right place.  We’ve taken the work out of buying a Karate uniform.  That’s right!  We’ve painstakingly tested hundreds of different Karate Uniforms and have come up with a list of the top 3.  We based our decision on three criteria:

  • Fit

  • Quality (Material and craftsmanship)

  • Price

A Karate uniform is an investment.  You’ll be using it for years, so you want to make sure you invest your cash in the Karate uniform that is going to stand the test of time.  So, without further delay, here we go!

Number 1: White Tiger Gi – 16oz.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very satisfied with the new 'White Tiger' gi.


I've had it for a few weeks now and I'm impressed with several things about it.
I especially like the fit and feel. The jacket/sleeves and pant lengths are perfect for my height.

The belt/tie for the pants slides smoothly, requiring little effort when pulled through the waist loop to tighten.

Overall the 16oz weight cotton seems substantial, yet when worn I'm able to move freely and easily. In addition, the cotton doesn't cling once I get a good sweat going.

The quality of materials, stitching, and cut of this gi  is definitely superior to all other gi's I've owned and used.

I'm looking forward to many good years of durable use of this 'White Tiger'. I'd recommend the "White Tiger" brand for anyone looking to purchase a new gi.

Not that it matters, but I've received several compliments from other members at the dojo noticing the new gi as well.

In general, they all comment on the look and feel of the gi.  All positive without exception.

We recieved the Gi and are very happy with the service

The gi looks to be good however I will send you a complete review after our student wears it on the firat day of the course on Tuesday (4 hours of training will be a good test).


Many many thanks.

Sarah Sheridan

Hi Bruce.


The White Tiger Student Gi has gone down well with our younger higher graded students and their parents. 

It looks great on, you wouldn't know it isn't heavy and is a lovely cut. Another student would like to purchase one. Please would I be able to order a size 140 in the white tiger bronze gi?


Kind regards


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