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Karate Gi tailored best karate gi uk

We at White Tiger Gi are committed to offering you our customer the very best Karate Gi, we understand that one size does not fit all so have now introduced a tailoring service.


Any of our Gi can be tailored to suit your individual requirement for both trouser length and arm length, by simply send us the measurements you require we will do the rest.


1).- Add the required Gi to the cart


2). - Add Tailoring Service to cart

        For trouser tailoring add - Trouser to cart.

        For arm tailoring add - Arm to cart.

        For both trouser and arm add Both to cart.


3). - Add a note to the alteration length in “CM” for trousers (J) and or arm (A).


4). - Click Checkout


We will confirm your order and notes.


“Please understand that Tailored Gi cannot be returned as they are unique to you”.


Tailoring service takes 7 -10 working days.


With very best wishes



White Tiger Gi

Tailoring Service

SKU: WTG - tailor made
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