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Japanese Cut Okinawan Style Karate Gi

We at White Tiger Gi listen to our customers so design all our #karategi to traditional Japanese cut giving authentic design. All #whitetigergi are made using hand selected 100% cotton, stitched by craftsmen and quality checked to ensure you get the highest standard #karate #uniform that will stand up to the hardest of training.

We recently received this review from one of our customers:

The gi is excellent. It is so much softer than my cheap heavy weight one. And it fits very, very well. No more pulling up the pants after every kick. 

Thank you for the super fast shipping too. I really wasn't expecting it for another week. But I was able to get my school patch on it before class tonight. 

My sensei complimented my on the #

Okinawa style. 

Well done!


Kevin McCarthy - USA

Look out for our next blog; White Tiger Gi is changing our packaging to 100% recyclable

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