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Why the name WhiteTiger Gi?

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Byakkotai (White Tiger Force)

White Tiger Karate Gi is named in honour and in memory of the Byakkotai, part of the Aizu's four unit military, set up in the domain's drive to finalise its military modernisation in the wake of the battle of Toba-Fushimi.

Byakkotai was meant to be a reserve unit, composed of young 16-17 year old sons of the Aizu Samurai. Twenty members of the 2nd upper (shichu)rank, curt off from the rest of their unit in the wake of the battle of Tonoguchihara retreated to Limori Hill, which overlooked the castle town.

From there, they saw what they though was the castle on fire, and committed seppuku, (with one failed attempt) in desperation, believing their lord and families dead.

However the members where mistaken, the castle defenses had not been breached, the castle town surrounding the inner citadel was aflame. The boys saw the rising snake and assumed that the castle itself had fallen.

White Tiger Karate Gi remembers those brave young warrior men by producing the best quality Karate Gi.

Being a family run business, we are small enough so that each and every White Tiger Karate Gi is personally inspected for quality by the owner Bruce Payne, before being carefully folded and packaged in 100% recyclable Forestry Council Approved packaging.

We aim (where possible) to ship carbon neutral ensuring we are limiting are carbon footprint contribution. After all the study and practice of Karate is a healthy pursuit.

We care about the future, the future is for all.

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