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"Revolutionising the Martial Arts World: The Time For Change in Female Karate GI"

White Jacket / Black Trousers for women Karate Practitioners.

White Tiger Gi have been contacted and asked if we can and if we would make #FemaleKarateGi with a White Jacket and Black Trousers. In short, the answer is yes we can, and with your support we will make this change happen.

Time for change?

I recently discussed this issue with a male Sensei (karate instructor), and posited the need to change the gi bottoms to a dark colour. The quick response I got? “That’s never going to happen.

Together White Tiger Gi and you can make the change happen.

As the only other Karate Gi manufacture in the world (that we are aware of) the other female Karate Gi being of light weight 9.5oz cotton and coming in at a minimum cost of £244.00!!! wow when compared to the quality of the #WhiteTigerFemaleGi @£155.00 made from selected 16oz raised cotton which is soft to wear, comfortable and ergonomically designed for female karate practitioners and soon to be a stock item as White Jacket and Black Trouser.

also trousers

We are offering 20% discount to help get this new product up and running for women not just is Scotland but worldwide.

We always listen to your requests and reviews.

As small independent family run business our aim is and always will be to produce high quality cotton #KarateGi, made to last years, available from stock at fair and affordable prices, we do this in part by not advertising on search engines, this would add plus 50% to the price of our Gi's to you are valued customer, instead, word of mouth is our choice.

Pre-Order your Female Karate Gi in White and Black today, free shipping is available within the UK and many world destination.

With best intentions always

Bruce Payne

White Tiger GI

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