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How to wash a karate gi properly?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Many of us don’t have idea on how to keep our Karate gi in its best form every time. Maintaining a Karate Uniform doesn't need to be such hard work. Here is the top 6 techniques and tips that one should follow while having your karate gi washed.

1. Choose the best Material Karate Gi

High quality Karate gi is made from 100% cotton.Cheap light weight Karate uniforms are made from polyester/cotton blend.

Karate gi are typically sold by weight; lightweight 6-8oz, medium weight 10-14oz and heavyweight 16oz. Be aware that often the actual description of fabric weights are not always offered and as such light, medium and heavy weight Karate gi can vary enormously.

2. Always presoak your Karate Gi

Pre soake your Karate uniform (if it is heavily soiled) is an essential part to getting your uniform really clean. Simply fill a sink or bucket with warm water (not hot). Add a cupful of heavy duty detergent and if required a cup of baking soda to neutralize odor, then soak your Karate Gi uniform overnight if possible.

3. Never use Chlorine to Bleach or Wash the Uniform

It may be tempting to use chlorine bleach on Karate uniforms, but it is not effective and chlorine bleach will weaken the fibres causing excessive wear and shorten the life of your Karate gi.

4. Wash your Karate Gi alone

Wash White Karate gi alone or with other White Karate uniforms this will prevent any discoloration from other colored items. Similarly for Black Karate Gi, wash it with other Black Karate Uniforms. White Tiger Gi does not recommend adding fabric softener/conditioner as this can reduce the uniform's ability to absorb perspiration. Hot water may cause excessive shrinking so washing at 40ºc is always enough.

5. Drying: Karate Gi like to breath

Karate uniforms like to breath, we really don’t recommend tumble dryers. The high heat causes shrinking and sets in stains. Hang your Karate gi to dry air. Washing lines is best (when possible) ultra-violet will help keep your Karate uniform maintains its color? If you need your Karate uniform quickly, use an electric fan (non heat) to air dry inside.

6. Always Iron your Karate Gi Gently

If your Karate gi uniform is 100% cotton, it will be creased after air drying. On your iron select (cotton) the rest is straight forward…! The more time and care taken, the smarter you’re Karate gi will be when you come to wear it.

White Tiger Gi offer Karate Gi uniforms in light10oz (Student), medium14oz (Elite) and heavy 16oz (Master). All are made using hand selected 100% cotton canvas, made by craftsmen who work to exacting standards offering great value and years of wear. 10oz Student and 14oz Elite are available as Black Karate Gi Uniforms.

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