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Why You Should Buy a White Tiger Karate Gi

Buy a Karate Gi

The White Tiger Gi is a karate uniform with a fascinating backstory. According to Bruce Payne – the founder of Shinkido Martial Arts, this idea for the uniform came when he was discussing with his friend why there was no perfect karate uniform for true lovers of karate to wear. So, in a quest to create the “ultimate” karate Gi, he learned everything he could about karate Gi. He collected fabric samples, ideas, and met with grandmasters of martial arts, all of whom helped with the creation of the White Tiger Gi.

Due to the high-quality of the White Tiger Gi, White Tiger Gi is proud to offer it to our valuable customers. Keep reading below to find out why we love it so much and recommend it for karate practitioners.

1. Comfort

The White Tiger Gi was built in a way that makes it look like a heavyweight Gi, but feels like a lightweight one instead. It’s made from a thin material combination of soft and light fabrics that give it a lightweight feeling without being restrictive.

2. Style

The style of the White Tiger Karate Gi is an Original Okinawan cut with high waist pants that feature quadruple loops & pleats. The 2x increased jacket cuff thickness helps wearers create a more audible snap sound when competing.

3. Quality

White Tiger Karate Gi is developed, designed and refined with continuous effort of well renown experts in this field. Its design and material were based on hundreds of textile samples and data points gathered through trial and error and customer feedback. The result of this is most noticeable in the unique material of the Gi. The fabric comes from 100% breathable cotton.

White Tiger Gi offer very durable 10oz cotton Karate Gi for new students of Karate, which are vastly superior when it comes to wear ability. They offer true value money when considering durability over poor quality poly/cotton Karate Uniforms, so although the initial price is higher, they are much cheaper in long term.

Quality karate Gi are produced using 14oz or 16oz cotton canvas with reinforced stitching at all the stress points. So, it offers great durability in the most rigorous training. Most serious Karateka consider nothing less than these Karate uniforms for regular practice which are provided by White Tiger Gi.

The weight of the fabric helps Karateka determine which Karate uniform to choose, both 14oz and 16oz (offered by very few producers now) stand up to considerable amounts of rigorous application training, without restricting movement. Being more rigid these offer greater ventilation, while being cut from heavier, superior quality cotton canvas they have the ability to draw away perspiration. Despite the heavier weight, most practitioners prefer them over cheap poly/cotton uniforms because of their wear ability (comfort) and durability.

Look like a heavyweight, feel like a lightweight.

Currently, we have following products in our Store:

Note: We are open to any suggestion and feedback from our customers.

White Tiger Karate Gi

White Tiger Gi offer both 14oz Karategi (Elite) and 16oz Karategi (Master)from stock. 14oz karate uniform is available as both White Karategi and Black Karategi. 16oz karategi uniform is available in White.

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